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Roll-Away™ Series 4000 - Fiberglass Window Screens

If you are looking for a better alternative to the traditional window screen, then roll down window screens may be a great option for your home. Have the choice of rolling the screen down when you need it or rolled up and away when you don't. It is specially designed to keep insects away, last longer, admit more light, and custom made to fit your window. If you live in San Ramon, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Brentwood, Berkeley, Alameda, or Hayward, or surrounding areas, please give Bay Area Screens a call at (925) 248-5080.

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Benefits of Roll-Away™ Window Screens

Custom Fitted: Roll-Away™ window screens are custom made and are available to fit every window size and type.

Easy to Install and Maintenance Free: Roll-Away™ window screens can be mounted within minute and its reversible design allows for a more flexible installation, while maintaining its quality.

Easy to Operate: The screen and draw bar move freely. Aluminum extruded guides on each side of the window allow smooth operation and keep the screen in place.

High Quality: The Roll-Away™ window screens last longer and admits 20% more light than outdoor window screens.

Retractable Screen: While not in use, the screen is concealed in an overhead housing, which contains a spring, roller, and bearing assembly for smooth operation and kept away from dirt and damage.

Insect Screening: Get complete insect protection with the highest quality fiberglass specially formulated insect screen.


Available in 6 Colors: Custom colors may also be available upon request.

View some of our Roll-Away Window Screen Installations

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