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Patio doors


Retractable Screen Doors  /  Stow Away Retractable Screen Doors

StowAway™ retractable screens are a great option to expand your outdoor living space to blend in with the interior of your home. You can now improve the look and style of most doors, including french doors, patio doors, and decks. When not in use, you can easily slide it out horizontally into a protective casing. StowAway™ retractable screens are beneficial in natural ventilation, blocking out the sun, and even keeping insects out. Contact Bay Area Screens and we can help you choose the best options for your retractable screen.

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Enhance the Style of Most Doors

Matches Any Door    Flexes on Impact    Easy Operation    Shade and Fresh Breeze    No Insects

Housing & Track Powder-Coated Colors

Screen Fabric Colors & Materials

Standard: Strong, stiffened fiberglass mesh

Noseeum: Extra-fine mesh provides protection from smaller insects called no-see-ums

Solar: Blocks additional sun’s rays from standard mesh

Pet Resistant: Heavy-duty screen resists damage caused by pets

Reel Wood Veneer & Features

  • Stainable wood veneers

  • Paintable wood veneers

  • Custom colors to match exterior or interior wood work

Additional Information

  • Powder Coated Aluminum

  • Real Wood Veneer

  • Manual (Spring Loaded)

  • Hydraulic Slow Close Technology

  • Latch: Grabber Catch or Magnetic Latch

  • Extruded Weather Pile

  • Nylon Plastic Caps

  • Heavy-Duty Stiffened Screen

French Door Dimensions

french door dimensions

Single Door Dimensions

single door dimensions

View some of our Stow Away Retractable Screen Door Installations

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