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Window screen

Standard Aluminum Insect Screen

Looking for a reliable insect screen that sets the standard for quality? Standard aluminum insect screening keeps bugs out and air flowing in with increased visibility.

Window screen

Tuffscreen® Heavy-Duty Mesh Screen

If you need a stronger, more durable insect screen, TuffScreen is for you. The heavy-duty, vinyl-coated insect screen is pet resistant and built to last.

Window screen

Standard Fiberglass Screen

Phifer’s fiberglass insect screens are built to let you “see the view, not the screen.” Ask us about our selection of fiberglass screens to find the best option for your window.

Window screen

Aluminum Screen for Tiny Insects

Phifer’s aluminum screen for tiny insects is perfect for your windows, doors, or screened porch. This screen protects against small insects like gnats, flies, and no-see-ums.

Window screen


Phifer SeeVue Stainless Steel Insect Screen is built stronger than standard insect screens. The fine-wire design also improves visibility to give you sharp, clear exterior views.

Window screen

Bronze Screen

Phifer bronze insect screening is a bright copper color that weathers to a beautiful dark finish. You can control pests and add an elegant, nostalgic look to your home.

Window screen

Tuffscreen® No-See-Ums

TuffScreen No-See-Ums is made from durable mesh and keeps small insects out. Use TuffScreen for your patio, porch and pool enclosure to protect your home and increase daytime privacy.

Window screen

Pet Proof Screen

Looking for an insect screen to keep bugs out but withstand the clawing or scratching from your dog or cat? PetScreen is the perfect choice for your patio and doors!

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